Tiny City explores the world of American architecture through miniature paper craft. Some buildings are modeled on existing structures, and some are designed on the general design characteristics of a style.


Buildings are between one and two inches tall, putting it close to Z-Scale standard. But each building is not always at precise scale.


Some entries include a print-ready version of plans so you can make these on your own. These plans are provided free and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

There is a degree of improvisation required with design plans. In some cases detail work such as porches, stairs, and chimneys will not be a perfect fit.

Custom Work

Looking for a miniature model of a specific building? I may be able to help, please get in contact via information below.


Tiny City is a project by John Morris. You can reach me via email or using the contact form at Chicago Patterns.

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